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aFe Control Spec Corvette Series Suspension Package; Chevrolet Corvette (C5) 97-04



Product Description

aFe Control is proud to involved with the Spec Corvette series and be the exclusive suspension manufacturer used in the series, by offering the Spec Corvette Series Package for the 1997-2004 Chevrolet C5 Corvette.

The class philosophy for Spec Corvette is to promote the equal competition of the C5 generation cars with a build that is under $20,000 not inclusive of build labor. Performance benchmarks on the car are targeted to be very similar to what 2010 SCCA T1 Corvette specifications could achieve. For example laps time at Willow Springs International raceway under 1:30. Streets of Willow Springs under 1:19 and under 1:50 at Auto Club Speedway Roval. A tight, but fast and competitively set of car specifications will allow Spec Corvette cars to easily cross over to SCCA T2 and NASA ST class racing. Interested in getting involved, see their official web site at http://speccorvette.com/

This package is designed to offer enthusiasts a complete system that includes all the suspension components they need to get started racing. Included in the package are aFe Control “Black Series” Single Adjustable Coilovers, Adjustable Sway Bars, Spherical Control Arm Bearings, Camber Kit, and even tow hooks to turn your Corvette into a track beast.

The Black Series single adjustable coilovers are tuned more aggressively than our Featherlight generation coilover, making it an excellent choice for Corvettes that be driven on the track or are looking for that extra edge. Since the coilovers employ double digressive valve technology, the easy touch rotary knob will adjust both compression and rebound in one device. You will feel 24 distinct settings on the front and rear shocks, allowing for settings to accommodate any tracks condition. The CIRC (Concentric Integrated Remote Canister) System more than triples the gas volume over a standard coilover resulting in consistent operation over a wide temperature range and throughout the stroke. Integrated into the CIRC head is the BOA (Ball on Axis) upper mount, which is a completely sealed design allowing full articulation of the Corvettes suspension. It offers a durable, quiet mounting solution without travel loss as is common in other clevis style mounting systems.

To further reduce body roll and improve handling, the Spec Corvette package includes our Johnny O'Connell Sway Bar set offering a 35MM front bar, and 29MM 3 way adjustable rear bar. Bushings and upgraded ½” rod end links are included offering flatter, faster cornering, and added car control.

OE factory bushings are known to deflect more than a ¼ inch in turns which equates to almost 1 degree of lost camber and unpredictable handling. In the package we include our Pfadt Series Spherical bearings. The aFe Control kit replaces all 18 control arm bushings with mono-ball, spherical joints to eliminate friction and deflection. With 108 total components this high quality kit features 6061-T6 aluminum bearing housings which feature a special, Mil spec high corrosion resistant anodizing, CNC machined heat treated 17-4 PH stainless steel shafts, and CNC machined 6061-T6 articulation spacers. Due to the nature of this race part there is an increase in road noise, therefore we do not recommend this for the casual street car and is highly recommended for dedicated track cars.

To maintain proper track alignment, the camber kit was designed to replace the factory alignment eccentrics with precision water jet cut aluminum degree indexed spacers to positively lock alignment settings in place without the risk of slippage common on track driven Corvette's.

aFe Control Suspension products are engineered and manufactured in our Ontario, California manufacturing facility




• The Ultimate Corvette Race Package, Perfect for Track Cars

• Featherlight coilovers are ride height adjustable, as well as damping adjustable for rebound and compression

• 4130 Chromoly Sway Bars are 3-way adjustable and provide flat cornering and increased contact patch for higher cornering force

• The Camber Kit includes precision water jet cut aluminum index spacers, replaces OEM eccentrics which are prone to slippage, a must for track cars

• Replaces all 18 control arm bushings with mono-ball, spherical joints to eliminate friction and deflection

• Direct Fit Installation, Requires No Modifications


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